Corcovado Overnight

If you like adventure this is your tour, the experience of sleeping in Corcovado park, surrounded by forest and animals and waking up to the sound of birds, makes this a nature adventure beyond your wildest dreams! Moreover always be accompanied by a professional guide who will not allow you miss the smallest detail.

Includes: Boat transportation (Drake-Sirena-Drake), ICT certified bilingual guide with telescope, entrance fees, camping or room fee (depending on what is available), 3 meals, tent, blankets and all other neccesary camping equipment.

Day 1
6:00 am: 1 and a half hour boat ride to Sirena Biological Station.
7:45am: Get ready on the beach at Sirena and hike to the ranger station, drop off overnight bags and equipment and head out on a 3 to 4 hour hike.
11:30am: We take a half hour lunch break at some point along the trail (where guide thinks is appropriate) and hike back to the ranger station. At around 12:30pm we take a 2 hour break until the sun is less hot.
2:30pm: We do one afternoon hike for 2 and half hours to the Claro river, have a quick swim there and hike back to the ranger station.
5:30pm: Dinner at the ranger station and after dinner we go to sleep, light are off at 8:00pm.

Day 2
4:30am: Night/early morning hike in the forest until 7:00am.
7:45am: Breakfast at the ranger station.
9:00am: We go out in the forest again for another 3 hours hike in the forest, then return to the ranger station to have lunch and get things ready to go back to Drake Bay.
12:30pm: Boat back to Drake arriving around 2:00pm.

Rate: $335 per person