Jacamar Drake Bay

Our Services

Our objective is to arrange your stay at Drake Bay for you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, we specialize in tours to the different attractions of Drake (see tour list) but we can also help you to finding the best lodging for you, meals and transportation. We have comfortable boats (photos in the tour area) with capacity for 16 people, very comfortably with a motor 200, 4 times, professional captain with over 10 years of experience in the management of boats.

We offer all security standards such as permits, lifejackets, etc. During our tours you will have a specialized guide, one of them is Rebeca Quiros with 10 years of experience and a degree in Tropical Biology. Our sincere desire is to provide an excellent service with reasonable prices and guarantee your enjoyment on your visit to this natural paradise that is Drake Bay.

We organice your tours but we can also create a package that includes food, hotel and/or transportation according with your preferences and needs.